TinyKBD -- A small computer keyboard controller

TinyKBD uses an Atmel ATtiny2313 microcontroller to implement a simple and inexpensive keyboard device for PC hardware. The ATtiny2313 comes in a 20pin DIL package. 4 pins are used to connect a standard PS2-cable (which also contains power-supply). The remaining 16 pins form an 8x8 matrix for connecting keys.

Here is a photo of the protoype. The keyboard matrix connector was directly soldered underneath a 20pin IC-socket, eliminating the need for a PCB.

Software is written in C, using gcc under Linux. The Project Page offers source and binary packages. Binaries come as IHEX records and can be installed with an IN-System Programmer like e.g.

using a STK200 compatible cable. (Schemtics: minimal or standard).

Future enhancements:

2005-09-30, jw@suse.de